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What is the Internet?


World Wide Web, Internet, Information Super Highway.

The Internet has many names but essentially it is a network of inter connected servers. These servers contain more information than every book in the world multiplied.

The nature of the Internet has evolved from the first set of pages used to orchestrate military information in the decade of tie died t-shirts. Back then in the 80s the internet was called the Arpanet.

If you think of the Internet as a mass collection of books and the address of the "book" is called a URL (uniform resource locator).

Each web site can be identified by a URL which is translated to an IP address by a massive network of domain name servers. But all of that is more than you need to know to understand Web coding.

The face of the web has gone through various phases from the Arpanet to web 2.0. Web 2 is a practice used to create large interactive websites with user experience in mind.

Read more about Web 2.0.

When we design a web page we need to look through a new user’s perspective. Imagine buying a new washing machine with no instructions included and having to work out how to operate it using nothing more than your natural intuition. You'd probably Google it!

Speaking of Google you probably use it, Lord knows I do.
But have you ever been told how to use Google? No?
That's because it's simple, you type in what you want and hit search. Google is very intuitive. Intuitive design is very important as you can't tell a user in another country how to use your site. It needs to be simple, logical and natural.

This is why Google (with its single function) is more popular than Yahoo, Lycos or MSN.
Google has many other features that I'm sure you might not know about such as Gmail (an online email service), Adsense (a related advertisement scheme) and a whole load of APIs (application programming interfaces) for use coders to use.

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