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Android App For CWJobs


I've made my first android application

Here is a dilemma. I am so lazy, that when it came to looking around for a job, I found the best web site didn't have an application. So... I made my own. Check out the screen shots below.

The home screen is quite basic. Yet it offers basic search functionality as appears on the site. Admittedly, the site offers various other options as to what you can filter by, but i felt this was plenty enough to occupy the time on those tiresome train journeys.

The results screen is again very simple. But it does exactly what it needs to do.

The display item page, leaves little to the imagination. It displays the description from the feed. Admittedly its not the most informative feed in the world but what can i say, its good enough for me.

Now unfortunately, this is not available yet on market place, as I'm sure there are some legal issues with me scraping content from the CWJobs site. But i will definitely ask them if I can put this online. Who knows, maybe they'll give me a nicer API to connect to.

Available in Android Market

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